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Sh1rga Privacy Policy

Sh1rga hereby declares that it does not retain any personal information or logs of its users and does not trade information.

Sh1rga Terms of Service

1. Privacy

Do not do anything to jeopardize the anonymity of Sh1rga or the privacy of its users.

2. Use

Do not attack Sh1rga server or users.
Please do not use the characteristics of anonymity and lack of history to harm others or violate their rights.

3. Warranties

First of all, I am not that technically skilled and I do not have your trust.
I cannot compensate you for the absence of bugs or vulnerabilities in Sh1rga.
I am not responsible for any damage or disadvantage caused to users or third parties by using Sh1rga.

4. Rights

I own the copyrights to the illustrations and other materials used in Sh1rga.
Sh1rga is open source but does not waive copyright.
The reason the source is publicly available is so that users can verify for themselves that Sh1rga is free of bugs and vulnerabilities and that I am not operating with malicious intent.

5. Change

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time.